CreditNature is a green finance and technology company dedicated to transforming the relationship between landholders, the economy, and nature.

CreditNature have built the first nature fintech platform, and thereby are enabling markets that unlock nature-positive investment.

Our high integrity product provides dashboard access to easily understandable metrics linked to ‘Nature Impact Tokens’, underpinned by a proprietary Natural Asset Recovery Investment Analytics (NARIA) metric framework; not only the first gateway to sustainable investment, but the first to quantify ecosystem integrity in a cost effective, scalable, and rigorous way.

The Nature Impact Tokens enable direct investment in land assets with commitments to adopt ecological land management that will deliver benefits to land managers and measure uplifts in biodiversity and ecosystems.

Our value proposition for the Dreel Burn will be the contribution of tailored and actionable insights for the Dreel Burn catchment ecosystem.

We offer the Dreel Burn two, key, world-class innovations:

  • Nature Impact Tokens and
  • the NARIA metric framework.

Together with user-friendly dashboards, a dynamic data engine, and efficient data capture tools, the platform equips both corporates and landholders with robust, transparent metrics for measuring and financing ecosystem recovery.

By creating an end-to-end journey for the sale and purchase of nature-positive impact, CreditNature are boosting the growth and integrity of ecosystem markets in Scotland and beyond.

As part of the Civtech Challenge 8.6 accelerator, CreditNature collaborated with Fife Coast & Countryside Trust (FCCT) to develop a plan to create a Voluntary Biodiversity Credit (VBC) system that meets the needs of Nature Finance Fife (NFF).

We will contribute a white-labelled platform to NFF to consistently apply NARIA to measure Ecosystem Integrity (function, processes and resilience) and open an opportunity to sell Nature Impact Tokens.

This benefits our mission by extending the platform to a wider user-base with a sense of ownership and personalisation of the platform and its benefits.

The CreditNature methodology is an ideal fit for NFF as it addresses landowners’ business concerns and enables a commitment to nature activities.

We offer an engine for forecasting ecosystem improvements and, through blockchain technology, ensure transparency, traceability, and a tamper-proof formula for project implementation and securing sustained benefits for the community, economy, environment, and climate.

To support the Dreel Burn as an international show-case for connecting a landscape to deliver on ecosystem integrity, we will expand the scope of NARIA to contribute a freshwater dimension.

This supports our mission by improving the relevance of NARIA for projects with a catchment, riverine and riparian focus, and thus the repeatability and scalability of our platform.

CreditNature’s mission to accelerate global rewilding must also recognise the various contexts, worldviews and commercial realities of landholders and their businesses.

In order to meet our goals and scale nature restoration, our products must meet the needs of multi-landholder partnerships who ‘cluster’ to reach investment-scale, share insights, and create an attractive offer for nature positive investors.

By working with FCCT, NFF and other Dreel Burn stakeholder-partners, we will better understand the blockers of production-focused landholders to adopting and aggregating restorative approaches.

The project will support the development and stress testing of nature analytics and financing tools, improving compatibility and accessibility for landholders with any geographic offering.

In foregrounding ecosystem integrity, our contribution to the Dreel Burn will help positively influence national policy and practice in demonstrating high-integrity and holistic projects and nature markets.

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