Education & outreach

Education & outreach

Annual Community Rivers Day

Community rivers days showcase all of the work that is taking place to restore the Dreel Burn. Project partners come together annually to highlight and celebrate achievements in taking action, from poring over microscopes, counting caddis flies, to creating wetlands and installing leaky dams.

Dreelside Woods

Anstruther Improvements Association’s partner, Footprint East Neuk, delivers a range of educational activities for members of the local community on-site at Dreelside Woods.

Previous examples include: bat watching, fungi identification, tree planting, learn to scythe, meadow planting and management, moth identification, removal of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS). 

Fish in the Classroom

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Volunteer training

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Representatives from Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA) attend and participate in a range of outreach activities to share information about the Dreel Burn initiative, progress, volunteering opportunities, and activities for individuals and local families.

Examples include the 2023 Nature Finance Conference, the annual Anstruther Harbour Festival, AIA’s own programme of events and activities, Bowhouse Food Markets and the East Neuk Family Learning Roadshow.

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