North Star Transition

North Star Transition

At North Star Transition our purpose is to accelerate systemic change to a regenerative economy. We are a UK not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, set up in 2020 with a mission to develop new approaches to address systemic challenges through radical reframing and holistic collaboration.

We create collaboration initiatives designed to increase the impact of our response to humankind’s climate, biodiversity loss and social crises, including wellbeing and health.

Public and private stakeholders are working individually to transition the Dreel Burn catchment, and the people who live there, to a future adapted for climate change.

However, long-term funded solutions are not close to delivering for people and resources.

We see our contribution to the Dreel Burn project as important in showing how landscape transformation can be carried out, using nature-based approaches in concert with other leading system participants, at a scale and credibility that can attract mainstream finance.

This work aligns with two of our existing initiatives:

  • Scotland Transition Lab – a nation-scale effort to build a regenerative economy in Scotland, and
  • Regenerative Investment Lab – one major workstream in this initiative focuses on sourcing finance for regenerative interventions.

We will support Dreel Burn and surrounding areas by establishing a virtual laboratory bringing together key players across disciplines and cultures to reframe problems, identify obstacles of change, co-learn, and construct novel co-creative solutions.

Through the shared work of North Star Transition and Apella Advisors, we will raise the resources necessary to carry out the actions, through blending public and private finance.

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