Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

SEPA is Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, with a statutory purpose to protect and improve the environment and to do so, where possible, in ways that also deliver benefits for population health, wellbeing and the economy.

Our services include:

SEPA recognises the importance of engaging and working with all stakeholders and is a key 'Dreel Burn Investment Readiness' project partner.

The 'Dreel Burn Investment Readiness' project is an exciting collaboration, looking to utilise open-source data, including SEPA’s, to ‘value’ natural assets and help mobilise funding for nature-based solutions.

Making our environmental data accessible and useful to external partners and businesses is a key requirement for SEPA. Through the partnership we are working to support catchment water resilience and consideration of climate proofed interventions on the Dreel Burn, allowing replication of approach in other catchments.

Building on existing community engagement the project will support stakeholders in considering sustainable land management options from an environmental, social and economic perspective, recognising that these are inextricably linked.

SEPA commits to providing in kind contributions by attending relevant meetings and site visits, and providing scientific and regulatory advice, guidance, training and data across the project work packages.

This includes contributions in the following areas:

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