James Hutton Institute

James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute combines strengths in crops, soils and land use and environmental research, and makes a major contribution to the understanding of key global issues, such as food, energy and environmental security.

As an independent research organisation with over 500 staff, The James Hutton Institute’s mission is to be at the forefront of innovative and transformative science for sustainable management of land, crop and natural resources that supports thriving communities.

The organisation’s mission is to conduct excellent science and engage in new ways of working across disciplines, with business, policy and society, that guide contemporary thought and challenge conventional wisdom, ensure trust and deliver the best outcomes for all.

The overall objective is to deliver greater food and environmental security through science connecting land and people.

The Dreel Burn Investment Readiness project brings together strategies and novel practical approaches for the sustainable management of land, community engagement and capacity-building for increased prosperity are core to the organisation’s purpose.

Building on recent baseline data, the Hutton will provide specialist scientific expertise to identify and recommend land management improvements across the catchment, providing a framework for a landscape-scale approach.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes experts in agroecology, agronomy, integrated catchment management across issues of water quality, flooding, resource use efficiency and water-energy link; catchment hydrology, riparian zone management, nature-based solutions, climate projection modelling, community engagement and natural capital valuation.

Using participatory approaches and co-design principles with landowners, Hutton will identify opportunities for nature-based interventions that deliver multiple benefits, eg increased biodiversity, water management and water quality improvements to the benefit of both nature and landowners .

Climate projections will be incorporated to inform a longer term horizon for planning interventions. Uplift will be measured and monitored using scientific approaches and Hutton will contribute appropriate MRV metrics.

We will seek to add additional value through our existing scientific networks and through partners who can help disseminate the project’s learning and results

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